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Husbands: What is most important to you in a wife; a clean home, food on the table, or a healthy sex life?

Or something else?

Could you care less about one if you were 100% satisfied with another?

Ya, ya, ya - ideally all 3 would be great... whatever - what I'm asking is what's MOST important to you.

My husband is sitting beside me and he laughed and said
#1. Healthy sex life
#2. Clean house
#3. Food

I thought when you asked or something else that you knew about deeper things. I guess not. This is the view that will destroy a marriage when adversity comes, however. It possible, and even heroic, to have a happy marriage when you there鈥檚 hardship in the life of the couple, you know. Report Abuse

This wouldn't even apply to the very poor or if one spouse was in long term sickness. You know, marrages are failling all over the place because we all are spoiled brat Americans...myself included! Report Abuse

i think it's ALL OF THE ABOVE

Most important to me at moment is having her at home with me ( She left me for someone else) We shared all the chores when we were together. Having to do all on my own at the moment anyway , except sex of course !

I would say good honest communication would be most important because if you have that your chances of working out any other problems stand a much better chance of improving .

a good sex life. Thats why they have resturants.

You can hire someone to clean the house and you can call out for gourmet delivery meals.

I don't want to hire someone for sex or call out for delivery nookie.

I could not care less about the house and the food if we are knee-deep in orgasms. That's not to say I'm a slob. But I'll hire cleaners and cooks. No problem.

Well, in some cases a man can't have all three if the woman is working 40+ hours a week, runs errands, takes care of everything else, including the house. So when we are all tired out and not able to have sex because of it...I am sure a man wouldn't mind splitting the chore list so she has a bit more for what counts like the sex.

So I think most work right now and are earning a paycheck along with hubby working.. Today's world in some cases it is a luxury for a woman to stay home and do all that.

When I was home I did all that with no complaints. and have lots of energy for sex..

if your a GOOD wife, why should he have to choose? He should have all 3.

There is no such thing that life offers 100% satisfaction. If I could, I would have all three and yet the way she handles finances could be very lousy and be the source of an unhappy relationship.

Why can't you have all of the above? My wife and I have 3 young kids, she does everything in the house and with the kids. She cooks, cleans, does the laundry, pays the bills and runs all the errands and we still have a very good sex life, almost everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day.

this one is ez I can clean up after myself can cook or atleast order out extreamly well but I need to be close to my partner and share in a true lust for each others bodys and minds so the sex is way more important to me than great cooking and cleaning if thats all I needed I would still be liveing with my mom.

I can hire a maid, go out to eat, but she has to give up tha a** on a regular basis.

i agree with the answer of BK , im a wife and i do to my husband all nite long

It would be sad if I had anything set as more to be desired than her character (caliber of her personhood) and our unity.

However, being that my marriage just failed a few moths ago, I am somewhat disqualified from giving an answer here.

Whatever the case I will continue:

Most important things:
That we can empathize with each other鈥檚 passions鈥oth things we hate and things we love.

That we are friends first. Friends that find a oneness that keeps unity when we vehemently disagree.

That we are so interested in the other that we would join them in thier stamp collection (taking time to learn about it) even if we found it boring.

Where he is gental, not demanding and she is trusting not worrying and nagging.

Where he gives daily many waves of love and she, receiving them, gives honor.

i can clean my home, i can cook my dinner and i cab masturbate myself. What is most important is the partner i share it with


all of those or nothing.

That really depends on the man. Me, it all has to be good. You really can't have one with out the other.

My home is not spotless clean but tidy ,that's OK with me if I want it clean I can do it my self.
The one that comes home first makes the meals. We share the chore.
Sex ,I love and I like it healthy.Its got to be WE want to do it. It can't be an I thing . It is WE thing. I am not a perfect person so I do not look for 100% in anything .

Don't care about the food, I can cook.
Don't care about the house, I can clean.

Does that answer your question?

I just asked my husband and he said, "A healthy sex life because I've never experienced the others." That made me laugh. It's true. He does most of the cooking and cleaning and I help out occasionally, but I'm just not good at housework!!

Hey, I can cook, but nothing brings a relationship together like a healthy sex life.

The most important thing in a wife is a wife that is happy.

It depends on if she works. I cook,clean and make sure we have a healthy sex life. Being a complete couple together is more important than keeping a generation old stereotype alive. We both work,raise our kids,keep the house in order and everything else.We are a team and a darn good one at that.

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