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General Pets
*Is normal for a male budgie to go and stay in the nest box?
*Transparent white cat vomit with bubbles? help?
*What was the Dogo Argentino bred for?
*How can I breed these fish?
*Buying a horse? please help?
*Leopard Gecko Tail Infection! Please help!?
*My rat drank my blood will it harm her?
*Is an aquarium ok for a hedgehog?
Pregnancy & Parenting
*How do I tell my mom that I accidentally hit the back of the Tahoe with my car?
*My husband and I are looking to adopt?
*What sounds better: Charlotte Adams or Evelyn Adams?
*How old should you be to babysit?
*Where to buy a baby for the cheapest price?
*Am i going about this the right way?
*Is it possible... ten points for best answer?
*My 5yr old has to have a circumcision done! Is it really worth the risk being that general anesthesia is used?
*Im i already pregnant?
*Help with Stretch Marks !!!?
Beauty & Style
Women only, please! Is it okay for me to wear a tank to the gym?
Men & Women: What is a really good or your fave shaver/razor/waxer?
When will women start growing back pubic hair?
Just wondering...Have you noticed that the more hair you lose in one place, the more grows in Other places?
What is the most difficult thing about applying make up?
Garnier Eye Roller Review?
Do you think disabled women lose their beauty ?
Do Dominican girls have large badonkadonks?
How far will you dress up for a gender bending party?
Do overweight women (bigger than a size 12) honestly think they're sexy?
Family & Relationships
Was I wrong in the situation? URGENT!?
Why do people pick on me at school?
I have a question about pornography and couples?
Is she hinting something to me?
Am I the only girl who thinks this way?
I need some help getting revenge on my Uncle.?
Home & Garden
Who can I hire to help clean up my house?
I all ready have a room in my attic. What are the fire regulations for turning it into a bed room do i need a?
How to build up kitchen cabinets to touch ceiling?
Hydrophytes that grow in a week?
Something living in my ceiling - 3rd floor apartment.?
A rough price of my insurance?
Food & Drink
I drink malt liquor every single day, at least a 40 oz, im 26, how long until its gonna mess up my health?
What is the most delicious wine you have ever had?
Impressive (not so easy) dinner recipe for my girlfriend, age 16.?
How do roast coffee in my oven at home?
What should I do on my 18th birthday?
Places for a 10 year old creative girl to have a party?
Is Chipotle a healthy choice?
When you go to a french restaurant between meals?
Gevalia Coffee: Is it really a scam?
Do the health benefits change in mild or dark(bold) coffee?
Do vegetarians laugh at this sort of humor?
This good to eat as a diet?
I think I accidentally ate the sticker on an apple. Am I going to die?
Accidently consumed bad milk?

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